Peter Krištúfek

photo of Peter Kristufek by Marek Sulik

photo by Marek Šulík

Peter Krištúfek (1973–2018) was a writer and film director, whose career has been tragically cut short by a road accident at the height of his creative powers. He was one of the most prolific authors of his generation, publishing several novels, including Dom hluchého (The House of the Deaf Man, 2012), shortlisted for Slovakia’s most prestigious literary prize, the Anasoft Litera, collections of short stories; a collection of poetry, a scrapbook, Atlas zabúdania (The Atlas of Forgetting, 2013) as well as a number of TV documentaries and a feature film, many of which were nominated for literary and film awards. His last novel Lady Xanax, pán Snehulienka a ja (Lady Xanax, Mr. Snow White, and Me, 2018) was published posthumously, and a collection of short texts from his estate is being prepared for publication. A graphic novel The Bruiser, conceived in his lifetime, is based on his original script.

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The House of the Deaf Man

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