Mothers and Truckers

translated by Julia and Peter Sherwood

June 2022

220 pages, paperback

ISBN 978-1-914990-11-3

Mothers and Truckers is a collection of five stories by the Slovak writer Ivana Dobrakovová, set in her hometown of Bratislava, and in Turin, Italy, where she now lives. Each of the stories features a troubled young woman living through, or reliving, a variety of traumatic events, and Dobrakovová has given each a distinct voice in which they deliver cascading internal monologues that are intense, searingly honest, and often very funny. The protagonists struggle to shake off the influence of dominant mothers and to escape from claustrophobic relationships with neglectful husbands or partners, or to process the trauma of a father’s mental decline and descent into alcoholism, or they seek solace in imaginary relationships with distant truck drivers.

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