Rivers of Babylon

translated by Peter Petro


259 pages, hardcover

ISBN 978-0-9535878-4-1

ASIN B004NSVQE4 (ebook)

from the publisher:

Peter Pišťanek's reputation is assured by Rivers of Babylon and by its hero, the most mesmerizing character of Slovak literature, Rácz, an idiot of genius, a psychopathic gangster. Rácz and his novel tell the story of a Central Europe, where criminals, intellectuals and ex-secret policemen have infiltrated a new ‘democracy.’ Slovak readers acknowledge Peter Pišťanek as their most flamboyant and fearless writer, stripping the nation of its myths and false self-esteem.  The novel is an uproarious and unsparing satire on both socialism and capitalism in the best Rabelaisian tradition, and in his monstrous anti-hero Rácz, Pišťanek has created a prescient portrait of Slovakia’s future prime minister Mečiar and other many other post-communist strongmen.

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