Ever Green Is…

translated by Charles Sabatos

April 2002

195 pages, clothbound

ISBN 978-0-8101-1907-9 (cloth)

ISBN 978-0-8101-1908-6 (paperback)

The title piece, Ever Green Is…, tells the story of a life spent in Central Europe from the imperial period through Communism. The narrator attempts to tell of his seduction by the Austro-Hungarian head of intelligence, but unable to help himself, he spins off a hilarious mosaic of exaggerations, anecdotes, and philosophical musings instead. This collection also includes the short story “Everything I know about Central Europeanism with a Little Friendly Help from Olomouc and Camus,” in which the narrator meets the gloomy existentialist while en route to serve on the jury of the Miss People’s Democracy Pageant, and the acclaimed short novel A Horse Upstairs, a Blind Man in Vráble.

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